From $500 Offer to $435,000 Sale via GoDaddy DBS

know. your. worth.” That is wise advice from a domain name registrant who was able to turn a $500 offer via GoDaddy’s Domain Broker Service into a $435,000 domain name sale. The story of how the seller was able to do this, including emails from GoDaddy, was shared in an excellent Twitter thread domain investors will want to read:

Although the domain name that was sold is not revealed by the seller, it was a .US domain name that sold for nearly half a million USD. In looking at NameBio, that could be a record sale price for a .US domain name, although NameBio only archives publicly reported domain name sales.

I don’t know if I would have the fortitude to turn down hundreds of thousands of dollars on a hand-registered .US domain name, so kudos to the seller for sticking to his guns on this deal. He knew what his domain name was worth and scored an exceptional price for it.

Off topic a bit, but if you look at the payment screenshot, you can see it’s not the exact amount of the sale price. I LOL a bit every time I see GoDaddy take a $.90 fee for payments.

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