A missing hyphen led drivers to a website promoting Trump memorabilia.

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Don’t forget the hyphen.

The Washington Post wrote this morning about how a missing hyphen has led to complaints in Miami.

Police in Miami Beach gave flyers to ticketed drivers that included a URL for a Miami-Dade website where they could handle their tickets. One instance on the flyer had the correct URL: Miami-DadeClerk.com.


But the flyer also listed a common typo that missed the hyphen: miamidadeclerk .com.

The unhyphenated domain currently forwards to a search on FindSale .com for Trump-related products, including flags, books, and hats promoting a 2024 run.

The “typo” version of the domain was most recently registered in 2007. It currently lists Synergy Technologies, LLC in Saint Kitts and Nevis in Whois as the registrant. That’s the same registrant name for the FindSale domain. The company has a website at SynergyTech .com, but it doesn’t say anything about the company.


Until sometime between late September and early November last year, the domain pointed to a Uniregistry Market lander. That’s when it switched to Epik’s nameservers (the registrar where the domain is registered) and was forwarded to the FindSale site.

Thus, this wasn’t someone seeing the typo on the flyer and deciding to register the domain. It’s unknown if the domain owner actually knows about the flyer, but they might have seen a bit more traffic after the flyer was distributed. I imagine this typo already received a lot of traffic before, and even if the flyer had the correct URL, people sometimes miss hyphens.

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