Giuseppe Graziano released the 23th edition of the Liquid Domains Overview, which focuses on the 614,928 .com domains that are deemed “liquid”. The objective of the report is to present key statistics and generate a debate amongst the industry stakeholders about the fair value of such domains.

Key highlights for Q1 2022:

– sales volume went down by 53%, from $34M to $16M.

– Despite this, 2L .com sales (as reported by went up 6% to $5.3M.

– a sharp drop in the median prices: -59% for 3Ls, -19% for 4Ls and -14% for 4Ns.


Global Asset Performance for Q1 2022

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**** 3L 5th percentile data not reported this period

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Original article: Q1 2022 Liquid Domains Report sees a sharp drop in median prices

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