Quik.com made an announcement on LinkedIN with regards to their upcoming launch. My good friend Yinan Wang was the person that actually sold them Quik.com.

They will be selling the domain names of the future according to their post on LinkedIn.

Following its release, Quik.com will allow its users to easily mint, own, and sell the domain names of the future, also known as blockchain-based NFT domain names. These will be registered over the public ledger of a said blockchain and will have a tonne of benefits and uses. They will also fuel the progress towards the transition to the internet of tomorrow. A Web 3.0, that Quik.com looks forward to becoming a bridge to.

Quik.com will initially have a series of NFT based blockchain domain name extensions that will be available for application and minting for the users. Namely:

  • .metaverse
  • .doge
  • .shib
  • .bored
  • .chain
  • .nft

Users will be able to apply these to the domain name of their choice and then mint them on a said blockchain. This will turn them into blockchain domain names. 

As James Rayers mentioned on Namepros, By the end of 2022 there’s going to be at least 10 blockchains claiming to have rights to the .NFT extension.

Should be interesting.

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