CAPRE’s Digital Infrastructure Round Up for February 26, 2020: CyrusOne Announces CEO Transition

Check out the latest in deals, new development and innovative strategies in hyperscale, colocation, 5G, cloud migration, cloud services, edge compute, Hybrid IT, power, cooling and energy efficiency for February 26, 2020:

  • CyrusOne Announces CEO Transition: CyrusOne Board of Directors has appointed Tesh Durvasula as President & Chief Executive Officer. This appointment follows Gary Wojtaszek stepping down as President & Chief Executive Officer, and as a director of the Company, by mutual agreement with the Board effective upon the filing of the Company’s Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2019. Mr. Wojtaszek will provide transition assistance. Mr. Durvasula will serve as the Company’s President & CEO on an interim basis while the Board undertakes a search to identify the Company’s next CEO, which will include consideration of Mr. Durvasula as well as external candidates.
  • LOGIX Fiber Networks Releases New Data Center RFP Template for Colocation: LOGIX Fiber Networks, a Texas-based data center and business connectivity company, today announced the release of a data center request for proposal template. The RFP template helps enterprises compare, evaluate and decide on the best data center options to meet their requirements. As a key cloud enablement platform, the LOGIX built-for-business fiber network supports a broad range of hybrid cloud solutions by offering robust connectivity between more than 100 data centers, as well as connecting to enterprise buildings across the major Texas metropolitan areas. LOGIX also operates several data centers in Texas to provide customers with production and disaster recovery colocation options.
  • CAPRE’s Digital Infrastructure Round Up for February 26, 2020: CyrusOne Announces CEO Transition 1KIOXIA First to Deliver Enterprise and Data Center PCIe 4.0 U.3 Solid State Drives: KIOXIA America, formerly Toshiba Memory America, has announced that its lineup of CM6 and CD6 Series PCIe 4.0 NVM Express enterprise and data center solid state drives are now shipping to customers. An established leader in developing PCIe and NVMe SSDs, KIOXIA delivers never-before-seen performance. KIOXIA was the first company to publicly demonstrate PCIe 4.0 SSDs and is now the first to ship these next-generation drives. The CM6 and CD6 Series SSDs are compliant to the latest NVMe specification, and include key features such as in-band NVMe-MI, persistent event log, namespace granularity, and shared stream writes. Additionally, both drives are SFF-TA-1001 conformant (also known as U.3), which allows them to be used in tri-mode enabled backplanes, which can accept SAS, SATA or NVMe SSDs.
  • Northern Data and Canaan Inc Announce Cooperation on Blockchain-technology and AI: Northern Data AG, one of the largest blockchain solutions and data center providers in the world and Canaan Inc, one of the leading blockchain technology companies in the world are happy to announce the beginning of close cooperation in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) development, Blockchain Technology and data center operations. The partnership provide both companies with a solid bedrock to build and expand in this tremendously exciting technology space and catapult both companies together to new heights. With Northern Data’s North American and European teams and facilities working in concert with Canaan’s advanced R&D teams in Asia, this first step towards a strategic partnership should unlock many additional synergistic projects throughout the blockchain and technology sectors.
  • Red Hat Unveils OpenStack Platform 16: Red Hat, Inc., the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced the general availability of Red Hat OpenStack Platform 16, the latest version of its highly scalable and agile Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution. More than 1,000 enhancements and new features will lay the foundation for enterprise and telco workloads from programmable IaaS for hybrid clouds, developer clouds and production clouds and cloud-native applications like network functions virtualization, edge computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

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