CAPRE’s Digital Infrastructure Round Up for January 27, 2020: Equinix, NTT, Schneider Electric, Microsoft

Check out the latest in deals, new development and innovative strategies in hyperscale, colocation, 5G, cloud migration, cloud services, edge compute, Hybrid IT, power, cooling and energy efficiency for January 27, 2020:
  • Crosslake Fibre Selects Equinix to Terminate Its Digital Gateway Between Toronto and New York:  Crosslake Fibre has selected Equinix to extend its backhaul capacity into Equinix TR2 International Business Exchange data center in Toronto and Equinix NY4 IBX in Secaucus, New Jersey. The Crosslake Fibre network is the newest, fastest and most diverse secure long-haul route providing lit and dark fiber services interconnecting two of the most vital financial markets in the world. Crosslake selected Equinix due to the company’s expertise in delivering and managing cable landing stations and its access to dense, rich ecosystems of networks, clouds, and financial and IT service providers. Equinix also provides a neutral landing point for submarine cable operators, significantly reducing their costs and time to deploy by simplifying operations at a neutral location. The Crosslake cable went live in October 2019.
  • NTT Ltd. Launches New Global Data Centers Division: NTT has announced the launch of its new Global Data Centers division, which incorporates e-shelter, Gyron, Netmagic, NTT Indonesia Nexcenter, RagingWire and other data center companies that formerly sat under the NTT Communications brand. This division operates one of the largest data center platforms in the world, now with over 160 data centers spanning more than 20 countries and regions, and providing NTT Group clients and partners with access to a powerful digital ecosystem with global reach and local expertise. Clients will have access to full-stack technology solutions (from data center and network infrastructure to applications) and full-lifecycle services (from consultancy to fit-out services to ongoing management) with end-to-end managed services. 
  • Start-ups from Schneider Electric and Microsoft’s Joint Accelerator are Transforming  Energy Sector in Europe with AI: Schneider Electric, and Microsoft, hosted six start-ups selected for the joint program AI Factory for Green Energy, at a Demo Day held at Station F in Paris(France). To accelerate the transformation of the energy sector in Europe through artificial intelligence (AI), Schneider Electric and Microsoft launched a call for projects in July 2019 from start-ups working on improving energy consumption predictions and use through learning, energy optimization, and database services for buildings. In September, a panel of employees from Schneider Electric, Microsoft and other program partners selected the start-ups from the 40 applications received from seven European countries. Winners included Accenta, who is developing a low-carbon heating and cooling system for buildings using geothermal heat storage and AI; BeeBryte, who is working on automatically controlling heating and cooling equipment, as well as batteries and charging stations, in real time; Craft AI, who offers an API for quickly deploying and managing decision trees; Meteo Swift who uses AI to provide wind and solar power forecasting tools, by cross-referencing the data collected with the weather forecast; Eco-Adapt, comprehensive predictive maintenance solution for electric rotating machines; and finally Smartive, which provides intelligent platforms to improve the operation and efficiency of the wind power markets.
  • NETINT Joins HDR 10+ Ecosystem as Certified Solution Provider: NETINT Technologies, an innovator of computational storage and video processing SoC solutions today announced its certification as an official HDR10+ adopter. This certification by HDR10+ Technologies, LLC, ensures manufacturers meet the highest standards of quality and performance for their HDR10+ solutions. HDR10+ Technologies, LLC was founded by Twentieth Century Fox HDR10+, LLC, Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation of America and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd and is responsible for the licensing of the HDR10+ specifications to other industry partners including SoC vendors, source providers, display manufacturers, content companies and tool vendors. NETINT Technologies is an innovator of computational storage and video processing SoC solutions. Its Codensity portfolio enables cloud data centers, edge computing companies, and content providers to deploy scalable high-performance applications, while minimizing their data storage and video processing costs.
  • New Switch Fabric Module Boosts Data Center Processing Capability for Aerospace and Defense Applications: Mercury Systems has announced the EnsembleSeries SFM6126 OpenVPX PCI Express gen 3 switch with innovative capabilities for creating a true composable data center edge processing architecture for aerospace and defense applications. This represents a critical data distribution building block for Mercury’s comprehensive embedded data center compute architecture, ensuring availability in space-constrained, harsh environments. The rugged 6U modules are unique in their ability to switch both the control and expansion planes to support the inter-module data distribution architecture required by high-performance OpenVPX high-performance embedded edge computing (HPEEC) subsystems. EnsembleSeries SFM6126 switches are a key component of a truly composable HPEEC solution, which include EnsembleSeries HDS6605 server blades and streaming IOM-400 I/O modules. Collectively, these modules leverage and scale the latest data center processing technologies to accelerate demanding workloads in the harshest, most SWaP-constrained environments.

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