Recently InterWorx has announced that the company will be tieing up with MagicSpam. MagicSpam is an anti-spam plugin that gives clients additional choices for email filtering and extra tools that will help in enhancing security.

The web hosting control panel software ‘InterWox’ is divided into two interphases. In order to maintain a server, NodeWorx is utilized by a server admin. Additionally, SiteWorx is utilized by a website owner to maintain a distinct website. InterWorx gives tools to configure emails, domains, web servers, and web sites. The organization founded MagicSpam, the new anti-spam plugin.

Easily configurable and integrable anti-spam software

InterWorx lets admins in generating and recover backups. Additionally, it helps in obtaining stats, transfer files throughout, and make them all into the correct spot. It further lets the users enable server records, subscribe to advice on issues from the site such as SSL expiration, and gives several other characteristics.

LinuxMagic developed the InterWorx Magicspam plug-in in association with InterWorx. This latest plugin combines its famous Anti-Spam software beside InterWorx, which will give InterWorx clients with more extra choices for email filtering as well as extra tools that will assist in improving and maintaining clients’ email IP fame.

Magic Spam is a complete anti-spam plug-in, is built under an intention for easy to Install and Simple to work on. Users don’t require to modify DNS or MX records to begin profiting from MagicSpam spam protection. The tool is developed in such a way that it meets the demands of the hosting industry, MagicSpam’s low resource profile effectively shields an infinite number of domains and accounts on a server for a very minimal cost.

Users can easily configure MagicSpam to satisfy their demands by navigating through a simple GUI placed in the control panel. MagicSpam is the leader in spam protection.

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