Leading cloud service provider Alibaba Cloud is offering a free Invitational Preview to enable Alibaba Cloud International site users to experience the benefits of g8m instances. As part of its online solutions, Alibaba Cloud provides data processing capabilities along with reliable and secure cloud computing. The g8m instances provide 20% higher performance, 50% higher efficiency, and 100% higher cost-effectiveness ratio, network performance and storage performance by leveraging the ARM v9 architecture CPUs. Based on an advanced cloud-native processor with high performance, ECS g8m instances are suitable for cloud-native applications, AIC applications, video codecs, and common Internet applications.  The performance of a single-core ECS g8m instance is higher than a single-core X86-based instance as each vCPU core of an ECS g8m instance is a physical core and does not support hyper-threading, whereas a single-core X86-based instance supports hyper-threading. The network and storage performance of an ECS g8m instance is 100% higher than the previous generation ARM-based instance with the same specification.  Alibaba Cloud’s third-generation SHENLONG architecture enables to use almost all the compute capacity of the ECS g8m instance.  Key benefits of Alibaba Cloud ECS g8m instance  High performance – Performance is 20% higher than the industry benchmark and 40% higher than X86-based instances.  Low-Carbon – Its energy efficiency ratio is 50% higher than the industry benchmark which can help reduce the carbon footprint.  Ecosystem – It supports Anolis3, Alibaba Cloud Linux3, and other operating systems, and container services such as ACK. Best price performance – The present cost-effectiveness ratio of the ECS g8m (ARM) instance is 100% higher than the seventh-generation general-purpose instances.  ECS g8m instance invitational preview details  Alibaba Cloud ECS g8m instance invitational preview can be experienced from April 1, 2022, till June 30, 2022. The total number of instances for the invitational preview is 100 and is available on a first-come-first-served basis. Only one instance can be applied.  For applying to the invitational preview, you need to enter your information in the application form and submit it. Once your application is approved, you can create and use an instance for free. Users using Alibaba Cloud through a reseller or distributor cannot apply for the testing.    Read next: Alibaba Cloud announces Partner Awards, ZNet Technologies bags Partner of the Year award 

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