Octopus Deploy, the leader in software deployment automation, expanded capabilities of its powerful multi-tenancy feature to make deployments to thousands of tenants even simpler.

Many organizations face multi-tenant deployments, whether they deploy to brick-and-mortar locations such as banks, retail stores or hospitals or offer SaaS or PaaS platforms to multiple customers. Each location or customer may have unique requirements that need a separation of deployments, including time zones, outage windows and technology. Octopus’ built-in multi-tenancy capabilities allow users to define once and deploy to all their customers while separating them into their own instances.

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Octopus tenanted deployments ensure:

  • Repeatable and flexible deployments at scale: users can define one deployment process and use it for as many customers or locations as needed while applying tenant’s unique customizations and features using tenant tags and variables.
  • Automated day-2 operations: users can easily manage tasks, like infrastructure provisioning, database management, and website failover and restoration with one click, making these operational tasks across customers simple.
  • Knowing what’s deployed in real-time: with the new Tenant Dashboard, users can see at-a-glance key information about their tenants, including projects they belong to, assigned tags, and environments associated with each tenant.

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“With Octopus Deploy’s multi-tenancy feature, we can deploy to hundreds of customers in a single environment and have configurations specific to each client – all with different database connection strings, underlying APIs, and secrets used for encryption. Using multi-tenancy allows us to scale and satisfy the unique needs of our clients,” said Jorge Robledo, VP of Operations at KinderSystems.


“If you deploy SaaS applications or to physical locations like stores, restaurants or remote sites, our tenanted deployments provide you with deployment patterns ensuring consistency, speed, and elimination of duplicating efforts,” said Paul Stovell, Founder and CEO of Octopus Deploy. “This allows our users to accelerate their deployment frequency, without adding burden to their software teams.”

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