ColoHouse, a provider of colocation and managed services with carrier-neutral data centers located in Miami, FL, USA, as well as in The Hague and Spijkenisse, the Netherlands, has added DDoS protection services to its data center solutions offering.

DDoS attacks can degrade the performance and availability of a network. ColoHouse’s Scrubbing-as-a-Service solution cleans all user data coming into a network and ‘scrubs’ it through a series of global networks to ensure only clean data is transferred with no latency in the process.

ColoHouse’s Scrubbing-as-a-Service model would allow the quick identification of an attack as it comes in and reroutes it to the mitigation platform to start cleaning up traffic “in a matter of seconds.” Additionally, the solution provided by ColoHouse supports real-time monitoring, proactive reporting, and automated filtering.

The colocation services company provides a customizable IT solution to include the correct level of protection necessary. ColoHouse offers Scrubbing as a Service options for colocation, cloud and managed service offerings. Through BGP, ColoHouse is able to scrub other carriers in addition to their own network to create redundancy for our potential clients.

“DDoS attacks are alive and well in 2019,” said Savvas Bout, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of ColoHouse. We have customer who are being proactive and are already live on our services. Some of these attacks are short lived, only lasting a few seconds, making them harder to identify if it was a system error or a DDoS attack. We hope both prospects and customers alike are protecting their businesses from any interruptions that could lead to costly repercussions and damaging their credibility.”

ColoHouse recently published its DDoS whitepaper, ‘Is Your Business Safe from A DDoS Attack?’ – providing tips to identify and mitigate a DDoS attack. Tips provided in this whitepaper include:

How to know if you are under attack? – Typically, your network is unusually slow and certain websites are not available. Your servers experience extremely high load-level.

Creating an action plan within your organization – You need to ask your IT department and executive team members the following questions: What needs to be protected? Why does it need to be protected? What are available protection options? Which is the best option? Who and how will they provide protection? And most importantly, what is the cost of to our business and reputation if your services are unavailable?

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