James Marshall Headshot

Datalec Precision Installations (DPI), a renowned provider of data centre design, supply, build, and managed services, is pleased to announce the appointment of

James Marshall as Head of Connectivity. This strategic move highlights Datalec’s commitment to delivering seamless and integrated solutions for data centre operators worldwide. James Marshall, a seasoned industry expert with over 24 years of experience, brings a wealth of knowledge to his new role, having worked on notable projects such as the Olympic site in the Lee Valley White Water Centre and the London Kings Cross Railway Station upgrade.

Expanding the Connectivity Team

With James Marshall at the helm, Datalec has reinforced and expanded its Connectivity team. The objective behind this move is to maintain the company’s high standard of service and strengthen its position as a leading player in the industry. The team’s expertise has already been recognized, winning the prestigious DCS Awards in 2022. Datalec’s Connectivity team of highly experienced and certified designers, field technicians, and project managers are dedicated to delivering projects with unmatched precision and excellence. 

A recent addition to the growing team is David Dempsey, a dedicated senior project manager based in Ireland. This expansion is not limited to one location, as further announcements for team additions in other countries are planned for the near future.


What Sets Datalec’s Connectivity Team Apart

  • Off-Site Pre-Term Facility: Datalec’s Connectivity team utilizes an off-site pre-term facility to efficiently manage quality and resources in a controlled environment. This approach not only reduces installation time but also contributes to enhanced on-site health and safety management. Furthermore, it allows Datalec to manage waste and CO2 emissions effectively, promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility.
  • Owned and Certified Testing Fleet: The Connectivity team takes pride in owning and maintaining its testing fleet, which is serviced and certified yearly by manufacturer-recognized companies. This ensures that testing and certification of structured cabling networks, voice and data communications equipment, and other critical components are carried out with the utmost precision and reliability.
  • Technical Expertise and Training: With a deep understanding of data centre design and implementation, the Connectivity team invests in regular training, ensuring that its members are up-to-date with the latest technologies, such as ribbon fibers and immersive cooling, thereby maintaining their leadership position in the field.

James Marshall’s Vision for the Connectivity Team

James Marshall, as the newly appointed Head of Connectivity, is passionate about providing Datalec’s clients with peace of mind. He understands that clients seek excellence, value, and a seamless project delivery process. With a rigorous approach, James and his team ensure that solutions are implemented flawlessly, meeting client expectations the first time, every time. His extensive experience and leadership will undoubtedly drive the Connectivity team to new heights of success.

Datalec Precision Installations’ appointment of James Marshall as Head of Connectivity represents a significant step in reinforcing the company’s commitment to delivering top-tier data centre solutions. With an expanded and highly capable Connectivity team, Datalec continues to raise the bar for excellence in the industry. The company’s focus on precision, technical expertise, and environmental responsibility further highlights its dedication to providing clients with seamless, integrated, and unified end-to-end results. As Datalec’s Connectivity team ventures into the future under James Marshall’s leadership, one can expect even more groundbreaking achievements and innovations in the field of data centre installations.