DC BLOX Wins 2023 Visionary Spotlight Rural and Underserved Connectivity Award in Honor of Their Community Support Efforts

Originally posted on DC BLOX

DC BLOX has long been a champion for the underserved communities throughout the Southeast United States by providing reliable and affordable connectivity. DC BLOX’s robust connectivity services

empower local businesses to achieve their digital transformation goals, and fosters prosperous communities throughout the region.

In recognition of the strides they have taken to address the broadband needs of the typically unserviced rural Southeast, DC BLOX received a 2023 Visionary Spotlight Award for “Rural and Underserved Connectivity” from ChannelVision Magazine.

“We are honored that ChannelVision Magazine sees the immense value in our mission,” says Jeff Uphues, CEO of DC BLOX. “We are continuously finding strategic ways to expand our robust connectivity ecosystem to further our mission of serving locally, and connecting globally. Both local and international businesses need to be adaptable and agile, and DC BLOX is providing tailored solutions to enable digital transformation more quickly and seamlessly.”


Over the past year, DC BLOX has further fortified its mission to provide critical connectivity to traditionally underserved markets with the construction of its new international subsea cable landing station in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This, along with the acquisition of Southeastern fiber assets from Light Source Communications and Ascendant Capital Fiber, will expand DC BLOX’s reliable network that includes a unique dark fiber route connecting South Carolina to Georgia with onward connectivity to European markets.

In 2022, DC BLOX partnered with the North American electric cooperative Joe Wheeler EMC, a company working to provide broadband to rural communities. Together, they were able to reach the underserved communities of Alabama, providing new opportunities for growth in business, government, and educational connectivity. Because of DC BLOX’s support, Joe Wheeler was able to provide cost-effective network solutions to equip communities with a new era of connectivity across the state and beyond.

The Visionary Spotlight Award in the “Rural and Underserved Connectivity” category recognizes DC BLOX’s ongoing efforts to improve the region’s connectivity solutions, bring more careers to the area, and provide the underserved communities with global opportunities.

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