GCX and United Cable Company: Expanding Global Network Capabilities for Wholesale and Enterprise Markets

Global Cloud Xchange (GCX), a renowned network service provider, has recently formed a strategic partnership with

United Cable Company (UCC) to extend its global reach and enhance network services for wholesale and enterprise markets. This collaboration signifies a significant milestone for both companies, offering fresh opportunities and superior network solutions to clients worldwide. By leveraging their respective strengths, GCX and UCC aim to bridge the gap between enterprises and global connectivity solutions.

Expanding Network Services for Global Markets

GCX’s expansive infrastructure combined with UCC’s expertise as an independent consultant and broker creates a powerful synergy. This partnership allows GCX to expand its network services globally, with a particular focus on the Middle East. As the operator of the world’s largest privately-held subsea cable system, GCX brings unparalleled connectivity to UCC’s client base. The collaboration facilitates enhanced access to robust network services, ensuring clients receive superior connectivity solutions and a competitive advantage in their respective industries.

Eric Gutshall, Founder and CEO of UCC, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, recognizing GCX’s cooperative spirit and extensive network capabilities. This partnership enables UCC to provide its clients with seamless access to GCX’s global coverage, empowering them to leverage enhanced network solutions and expand their reach in niche global routes. Together, GCX and UCC are committed to delivering unparalleled connectivity and network services to their customers.

Strength in Unity


By combining the strengths and offerings of two industry leaders, GCX and UCC present an exceptional opportunity for customers seeking robust global connectivity. The partnership creates a comprehensive suite of services, enabling clients to benefit from GCX’s 30+ years of expertise in cloud-centric connectivity. With managed SD-WAN, hybrid networks, direct Cloud connections, and high-capacity waves exceeding 100 Gbps, GCX provides end-to-end connectivity solutions for enterprises, new media providers, and telecom carriers.

Looking Ahead

Richard Darcy, VP of Channel Sales – Global at GCX, expressed his excitement about the partnership, highlighting the potential for bridging the gap between enterprises and global connectivity solutions. The collaboration between GCX and UCC opens up new possibilities for both companies and their clients, fostering innovation and driving digital transformation. Moving forward, this partnership will continue to strengthen and evolve, further enhancing the global network capabilities for wholesale and enterprise markets.

The partnership between GCX and United Cable Company marks an exciting development in the realm of global connectivity. By combining GCX’s expansive infrastructure and UCC’s expertise as a consultant and broker, this collaboration brings fresh opportunities for wholesale and enterprise markets worldwide. With a focus on the Middle East, GCX and UCC aim to empower businesses with unparalleled access to robust network services, bridging the gap between enterprises and global connectivity solutions. As the partnership continues to evolve, customers can expect enhanced network capabilities and exceptional connectivity solutions from two industry leaders.