Start Campus Welcomes Hyperscaler Clients as Green Giant Data Center Begins Operational Phase

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable data solutions, Start Campus, the visionary developer of 100% green energy ecosystems,

has taken a large step forward in the world of data centers. On October 2, 2023, Start Campus celebrated the initiation of the move-in process for its first hyperscaler clients, marking a significant milestone in the development of its revolutionary data center campus located in Sines, Portugal. This momentous occasion was honored by the presence of Portuguese Minister of Infrastructure, João Galamba, who toured the sustainable campus powered by round-the-clock renewable energy just a few days prior.

A Sustainable Vision

Start Campus’s mission to create an entirely green energy-driven data center ecosystem is one that has been closely watched by the industry. With a relentless commitment to sustainability, the campus represents a paradigm shift in the way data centers are conceived and operated. The facility is powered entirely by 24×7 renewable energy, underscoring its dedication to reducing the carbon footprint of the data industry. Afonso Salema, the CEO of Start Campus, expressed his enthusiasm for this milestone, highlighting its significance in the industry’s ongoing evolution.

“This moment represents a very important milestone for Start Campus and the SINES Project,” said Salema. “We are developing a dynamic sustainability-driven ecosystem that will place Portugal at the center of the rapidly growing international data market. We’re challenging what’s deemed possible in our industry, so we are particularly pleased with the entry of the first clients who resonate with our values, decisively reducing the carbon footprint of this industry.”

The SINES Project Unveiled

The SINES Project is set to become one of the world’s largest renewable energy-driven data center campuses. Offering a strategic location that bridges Europe, Africa, and the Americas, the SINES Project will be a critical gateway for data exchange between continents. Moreover, Start Campus has made significant strides in establishing partnerships with key industry players, including EllaLink, EXA Infrastructure, DE-CIX, and Colt. These partnerships will enhance network connectivity and drive digital innovation on an unprecedented scale.


A Glimpse into the Future

Start Campus’s NEST building, the first phase data hall, is on track to become fully operational by March 2024, delivering an initial 15 MW of power. This achievement sets the stage for the campus’s ultimate goal of reaching a staggering 495 MW capacity across six buildings, making it one of Europe’s largest green hyperscale ecosystems. The project is not just about technological advancements but also about contributing to the local economy and community. By 2028, Start Campus anticipates creating up to 1,200 direct, highly skilled jobs and 8,000 indirect jobs, further solidifying its commitment to fostering economic growth in the region.

A New Era of Connectivity

Portugal’s strategic location is bolstered by its ability to offer international access through transatlantic cable landings, multiple terrestrial network routes, and collaborations with major subsea cable players like Medusa and EllaLink. These assets have established the SINES Project as the emerging “Atlantic Hub,” ushering in a new era of global connectivity that is not reliant on traditional FLAP-D (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Dublin) markets.

Start Campus’s visionary approach to data centers, underpinned by its commitment to sustainability, marks a pivotal moment in the industry’s evolution. As the first hyperscaler clients move in and the NEST building nears completion, the world eagerly watches to see how this ambitious project will redefine the landscape of data centers, ushering in a greener, more interconnected future. The SINES Project is not just about data; it’s about forging a new path towards a sustainable, connected world.

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