Keen Domains shared a video with me on Twitter that seems to reveal a previously undisclosed domain name acquisition. The domain name is operated by Alex Hormozi, and in the video embedded in the tweet below, he shares that the domain name was acquired for $400,000 $350,000 (see update below):

$400,000 for seems like a reasonable price for both buyer and seller.

It is a bit unclear to me when the domain name was acquired because GoDaddy obscures a great deal of information contained in their Whois records. Using DomainTools, I can only see the registrant is located in the state of Texas. Prior to the obscuration of Whois records, the domain name also had a Texas registrant. It would appear that the domain name could have sold in early 2021 or late 2020.

Post-publication, I am going to email the prior registrant to see if the sale price can be confirmed along with a sale date. I don’t know if DNJournal or NameBio will archive this sale without first-hand verification though. Perhaps they will have time or the contacts to confirm the sale.


I received an update from the seller of as well as the two brokers. The seller confirmed that her company sold the domain name. The buyer was represented by Name Ninja (Bill Sweetman) and the seller was represented by Prime Loyalty (Jeff Garbut).

According to the seller, the sale price of was $350,000 plus the escrow fee. In addition to the escrow fee, I was told by Bill, the buyer also paid a “modest” buyer broker’s fee, which was not disclosed but is lower than $50,000.

My assumption is the buyer rounded up a bit in the interview to get to the $400,000 sale price he mentioned. I am going to record this on the list of recent one word .com domain name sales as $350,000 + commission.

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