Yesterday afternoon, Paul Nicks (GoDaddy VP and GM of the Aftermarket) announced that the Afternic beta website is now open to all Afternic customers:

To access the beta, customers need to click the “Try the new Afternic 2.0 BETA” link on the left sidebar of the website. Once on the website, there is a quick guide sharing some screengrabs of what users can do on the beta site.

At a quick glance, it looks like some of the functionality available within the GoDaddy control panel can be utilized on the beta site. One improvement is that users can see up to 500 domain names on a page vs. the 50 that were available to view on the old/current website.

One other noticeable change is that users can get access to more GoDaddy data such as the GoDaddy appraisal and comparable sales. This information is shown to buyers so it’s good that sellers can easily access within their Afternic account.

I have not had much time to spend looking at the beta website, but I noticed a few things that should be shared with devs:

  • I have two separate pages with different sold names – “Sold” and “Not Listed”
  • The format of payout amount is funky – $1,599.2 instead of $1,599.20
  • I can’t quickly glance at a “Pending Sale” section with names that are pending sale. I like to take down these names from when I notice them so I don’t sell a name 2x. Maybe it shows up for people who currently have a pending sale since I don’t believe I have any at the moment of publication.
  • Not all of the offers I have received show up on the individual domain name pages.

When I have more time to look through the website, I will likely have additional comments and suggestions. You are welcome to share comments here, but I am not sure if any decision makers will read them. Paul Nicks mentioned that there’s a feedback button to share suggestions with the development team:

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