The domain name has been acquired by Gravity Forms, a custom form building platform for WordPress-based websites. The domain name acquisition was announced on the company’s Twitter page yesterday morning:

I reached out to Carl Hancock, the Founder of Gravity Forms, to ask him about the domain name acquisition. Unfortunately, Carl was unable to share details about the acquisition of the domain name. I asked Carl if he could share why he felt it was important for his company to secure the domain name, and here’s what he told me:

“We’ve spent the last 13 years building Gravity Forms as a brand and within our niche people commonly refer to us as Gravity when talking about our product.

I never thought the opportunity to acquire the / domain name would ever actually happen. When an opportunity presented itself we had to jump on it because it was a no brainer from a branding and marketing standpoint.

If we didn’t acquire it someone else would have and the likelihood that it would have truly be gone forever would have been the likely scenario so it was now or never.

Can’t wait to put it to use building the next 13 years of our business!”

The about page on the Gravity Forms website says the company “has expanded into a robust data management platform.” I think owning the broader domain name will make it easier for customers to understand that the company’s offerings go beyond the creation of forms.

At the time of publication, forwards to the company’s website found at It will be interesting to see if the company sheds the “Forms” from its brand at some point and if the company opts to put its website on

As Jamie Zoch reported, the domain name had been owned by Yahoo, Verizon, Oath, and AOL, over the years. I couldn’t guess what the acquisition price was, but I am sure it was expensive.

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