I was researching some more generic domain names and I see that Training.com is registered to NIIT USA Inc, having a look back historically the domain name Training.com has been registered since 9th of January 1998, it appears to have been owned by a company called Element K, however, NITT acquired them in 2006 for $40M USD giving them ownership of Training.com in the process of the sale, of course, we don’t know the value of what Training.com was associated to in the sale of the business of Element K to NIIT USA.

Having a quick look using our sponsor WhoisXMLApi.com, we can see another 70 domain names owned by NIIT USA Inc, a few I like from the portfolio below are VirtualTutor.org & SkillsUpgrade.com however Training.com is obviously the star domain name in their portfolio.


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Original article: Training.com was acquired via acquisition in 2006 by this end user

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