CAPRE’s Digital Infrastructure Round Up for March 11, 2020: Oracle Likely to Cut Over a Thousand Employees in Europe

Check out the latest in deals, new development and innovative strategies in hyperscale, colocation, 5G, cloud migration, cloud services, edge compute, Hybrid IT, power, cooling and energy efficiency for March 11, 2020:

  • Oracle Likely to Cut Over a Thousand Employees in Europe: The Irish Times is reporting that up to 1300 Oracle staff in Europe may soon be unemployed. In Ireland, around 200 jobs are at risk, and Oracle’s Amsterdam and Malaga teams are also possibly going to be  affected. The Times reports that staff across the continent took part in an “all hands on deck” meeting by management last week Wednesday afternoon to hear the news. “The staff cuts affect people working across sales, business development and solutions engineering.The lay-offs come after Oracle fell short of quarterly revenue estimates late last year as growth in its cloud services business failed to cover losses in its traditional licensing business,” writes the local publication.

  • Landsvirkjun and Reykjavík Data Center Announce a Green Power Purchase Agreement to Provide 100% Renewable Power and Sustainability Benefits: Landsvirkjun, Iceland’s national power company, and Reykjavík Data Center (Reykjavík DC), a high-performance computing data center, have signed a Green Power Purchase Agreement guaranteeing certified renewable energy at the data center. Located in Reykjavík, the data center will utilize 100% hydro-electric and geothermal renewable energy from Landsvirkjun in Iceland. Reykjavík DC will become Landsvirkjun’s fourth customer in the data center industry. A large-scale, sustainable and state-of-the-art data center, Reykjavík DC offers its clients a range of bespoke server density options and hosting environments that are all fully scalable and provided without extra expense by using 100% natural, ambient cooling. The data center also provides its clients with various services on demand in verticals such as the financial, government, telecom, automotive, and medical sectors. This agreement will enable the Reykjavík Data Center to issue green bonds to finance further expansions as part of its green focus. The electricity covered by the agreement will be delivered from Landsvirkjun’s current power system, which has significantly increased its capacity in recent years by introducing new hydropower, geothermal energy and wind power stations to provide renewable energy.

  • Ranovus Launches Its Single Chip ODIN Silicon Photonic Engine to Support ML/AI Workloads For Data Center and 5G Mobility: Ranovus, a leading provider of multi-terabit interconnect solutions for data center and communications networks, today announced the launch of its Odin platform. Odin scales Ranovus’ 100Gbps per lambda silicon photonics engine from 800Gbps to 3.2Tbps in a single chip supporting both module and Co-Packaged Optics solutions. Ranovus’ Odin™ platform incorporates the company’s disruptive innovation in multi-wavelength Quantum Dot Laser (QDL), 100Gbps silicon photonics based Micro Ring Resonator modulators and photodetectors, 100Gbps Driver, 100Gbps TIA and control Integrated Circuits supported by a Tier 1 packaging ecosystem.

  • Mellanox to Acquire Titan IC to Strengthen Leadership in Security and Data Analytics: Mellanox Technologies has reached a definitive agreement to acquire privately held Titan IC, the leading developer of network intelligence (NI) and security technology to accelerate search and big data analytics across a broad range of applications in data centers worldwide. The acquisition will further strengthen Mellanox’s network intelligence capabilities delivered through the company’s advanced ConnectX and BlueField families of SmartNIC and I/O Processing Unit (IPU) solutions. Titan IC’s world class team in Belfast, Northern Ireland will become the center of advanced network intelligence research and development for Mellanox.

  • AT&T and Google Cloud Team Up to Enable Network Edge 5G Computing Solutions for Enterprises: Google Cloud and AT&T have announced a collaboration to help enterprises take advantage of Google Cloud’s technologies and capabilities using AT&T network connectivity at the edge, including 5G. Additionally, AT&T and Google Cloud intend to deliver a portfolio of 5G edge computing solutions that bring together AT&T’s network, Google Cloud’s leading technologies, and edge computing to help enterprises address real business challenges. These edge computing solutions will be powered by AT&T’s network and will utilize Google Cloud’s core capabilities in Kubernetes, artificial intelligence and machine learning, data and analytics, and other leading technologies delivered across a global footprint. By bringing Google Cloud compute and capabilities to the edge, businesses can move infrastructure from centralized locations to these edges and run applications closer to end users, thereby minimizing latency, optimizing operations, providing stronger security and delivering compelling, innovative end user experiences.


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