InMotion Hosting, a company that offers custom-built web hosting and cloud-based services and solutions to businesses throughout the globe, has upgraded its dedicated servers with 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors and NVMe SSDs (solid-state drives).

InMotion Hosting said that its dedicated server clients will experience above 2X performance enhancements on the latest CPU. With the latest CPU, the clients would also experience faster data and storage recall, as well as memory processing over its predecessor.

Robert Hood, the Assistant Product Line Manager of Dedicated Hosting at InMotion Hosting, stated

Our aim for the renewal of our higher-end plans was to build top-end servers that can manage even the biggest demands of computing power and traffic.

We wanted to offer our clients the highest quality servers that surpass their needs.

InMotion Hosting will further extend its dedicated server offering with custom server solutions for huge, high-traffic enterprise websites, digital agencies, and eCommerce.

Bare Metal Servers

Other upgraded features incorporate InMotion Hosting’s bare metal product line. It incorporates an extended operating system (OS) options like Debian 9/10, Centos 7/8, Ubuntu 18.04/20.04, and OpenSUSE, and more RAIDoptions. The latest OS options would provide clients a new level of production-tested tools, advanced database functionality, and automation services.

Josh Robinson, Marketing Product Owner of InMotion Hosting, stated,

The Bare Metal servers provide exceptional operating systems that offer best in class functionality needed to power complex databases, automation tools, software. Our clients asked for a wide range of Operating Systems, and we heard.

About InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting, founded in 2001 is a privately held company that offers cloud-based services and solutions to businesses all across the globe. With clients in more than 175 countries and in six continents, InMotion Hosting has a track record of serving businesses of all sizes succeed in the online success and technological innovation.

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