I Compete with Every Domain Investor

The domain investment community is relatively small and most of the main participants know each other. There’s a collegial feel among many of us who have known each other for years. Mike Sullivan posted a tweet last week about competition amongst domain investors:

I wholeheartedly disagree with Mike’s tweet (in a friendly way).

I am in competition with every domain investor who is trying to buy the same domain names I am after. From domain name auctions to private acquisitions to domain name sales, competition is everywhere. Competition is healthy. Competition drives me to try harder and do better.

I may not be a stellar athlete, but I am a very competitive person. When I am playing any sport against my friends, I have a strong drive to win. We may be close friends, but I always want to win regardless of the game. The only exception is when I am playing blackjack with friends and I want us all to beat the dealer.

The same desire to succeed in sports drives me in my business, too. When I prevail in a competitive auction for a domain name it feels great. When I am successful in buying a domain name in private, it also feels great. I probably feel less excited about selling a big name than prevailing in an important acquisition.

After my friends and I play tennis or finish whatever game we are playing, we have a drink or go out to dinner with our families. Our friendships remain strong despite our desire to win on the court or field. The same goes for my domain investor friends. I want to prevail in an auction and have no issues grabbing dinner or chatting on the phone at the same time.

Domain investors are always competing, and I think fair competition is healthy for investors and the industry.

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