CAPRE’s Data Center Round Up for September 16, 2019
Check out the latest in deals, development and disruptive technology in the data center industry for September 16, 2019:

  • HID Global Acquires HydrantID to Expand Enterprise PKI Management Services for Network Security and IoT Devices: HID Global has acquired HydrantID, a provider of management and automation services to secure enterprise organizations’ data, IT systems, networks, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Specializing in public key infrastructure (PKI) as a service, HydrantID has issued over three million PKI credentials and secured over 125,000 domains – a perfect complement to HID’s IdenTrust business, which is the world’s leading digital certification authority. HydrantID provides PKI-as-a-service solutions that address the critical security needs of networks and IoT systems for enterprise, government, financial and other information security-conscious customers. The majority of these IoT systems are expected to be online by the year 2020 and use IP-based protocols requiring PKI-based authentication to secure the identities of machines on a network and IoT data. In addition, increased security and bot attacks against enterprise networks and remote devices, as well as regulatory changes and compliance issues, are creating new risks for small, medium and large enterprise organizations. PKI-based authentication security helps reduce the risks.
  • Rambus Signs Agreement to Acquire Silicon IP and Secure Protocols Business from Verimatrix: Rambus has signed an asset purchase agreement to acquire the Silicon IP and Secure Protocols business of Verimatrix, formerly Inside Secure, for $65 million in cash. With the proposed acquisition, the world-class embedded security teams, products and expertise from Verimatrix and Rambus will combine to create the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of silicon-proven security IP and chip provisioning solutions. With the growing threat environment, it is imperative to protect complex electronic systems at their foundation with hardware-based security IP solutions, including crypto cores, hardware root of trust, and high-speed protocol engines. This acquisition will enable Rambus to provide solutions to address our customer’s security challenges with the most resilient and deployable embedded security on the market.
  • Digital Fortress Partners with Lincoln Rackhouse to Expand Data Center Operations to the North Seattle City of Lynnwood: Lincoln Rackhouse, the data center division of Lincoln Property Company with over 2.5 million square feet of mission critical space under management, announces the addition of Digital Fortress as an operating partner. Digital Fortress, a premier enterprise-level colocation provider, has added its third Seattle area location by leasing the entirety of Rackhouse Seattle, a 5.4 MW facility located 16 miles north of Seattle in Lynnwood, WA. Rackhouse Seattle provides 47,820 square feet of server-ready space, 5.4 MW of green-hydro power, N+1 mission-critical deployment, a diversity of carriers, and carrier-neutral and redundant feeds to all of the Digital Fortress data centers as well as the local peering exchange. The lease comes just three months after Lincoln Rackhouse and Principal Real Estate Investors purchased the site in May of 2019.
  • Hut 8 to Acquire Aitional Data Centers Aing 13% Operational Capacity: Hut 8 Mining Corp has announced the acquisition of 9 Blockbox ACTM data centers for US$7 million from the Bitfury Group (“Bitfury”) at its facility in Drumheller, Alberta. The acquisition will add approximately 113 petahash per second (PH/s) and 9.9 MW of capacity to Hut 8’s existing operations. This represents an increase of 13.3% to Hut 8’s PH/s output. The BlockBox ACTM data centers were previously owned by Bitfury. Prior to closing the purchase, the additional 9 data centers will be upgraded to include 12.6 PH/s Bitfury Clarke ASIC chips, manufactured by Bitfury. The upgrades are expected to be completed and operational within 10 weeks of this announcement. Subsequent to the delivery of the BlockBox ACTM data centers, Hut 8 will own 100% of the Drumheller facility. This additional PH/s will bring Hut 8’s aggregate operating capacity, across all operations, to approximately 963 PH/s and 109.4 MW at full capacity. Subject to approval by the TSXV, Hut 8 intends to finance the acquisition via cash on hand and the sale of a portion of its bitcoin inventory.
  • Bitfarms Announces Additional Delivery of Miners, Adding 50 PH/s of New Computing Power: Bitfarms has taken delivery of an additional 1,000 new generation T3 miners. Once fully operational, the mining hardware is expected to add approximately 50 petahash per second (“PH/s”) of new Bitcoin-focused hash power, increasing the Company’s installed computing power to ~575 PH/s. Bitfarms expects to have the new miners installed and operational within approximately 10 days. The acquisition accounts for an 87% increase to computational capacity in the third quarter of 2019;  a 173% increase to computational capacity year-to-date; aggregate installed capacity growing to ~44.9 megawatts; and overall operational efficiency improving to ~12.8 petahash per megawatt, making Bitfarms one of the most efficient publicly traded Canadian cryptocurrency miners in terms of computing power relative to electricity consumption.


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