What GoDaddy’s acquisition of Uniregistry means for domain investors

What GoDaddy’s acquisition of Uniregistry means for domain investors

Less competition for expired domains, but less competition for registrars, too.

Earlier today, GoDaddy announced that it is acquiring Uniregistry and Frank Schilling’s domain name portfolio. Here are some ways this will impact the domain name industry.

Less competition for expired domains: Let’s start with some good news for domain name investors: Frank will no longer be bidding against you in expired domain auctions. He confirmed to me that he has no plans to rebuild a domain portfolio. “I’ve already built the best portfolio in the world.” The absence of one major buyer can have a big impact on bid prices.

Less competition in the registrar space: Uniregistry is very small compared to GoDaddy, but it pushed GoDaddy to improve its service for domain name investors. GoDaddy will incorporate some of Uniregistry’s innovations, but whenever a competitor is taken out of the equation, it takes some heat off of the market leader.

A buying opportunity: Once GoDaddy incorporates Frank’s inventory into its own, most of the domains will have ‘buy now’ prices and they are likely more affordable than what Frank would have sold the domains for. This gives investors and end users an opportunity to buy domains.

More expired inventory on GoDaddy: This is a loss for Dynadot. Now that Uniregistry is part of GoDaddy, its expired domain inventory will (eventually) flow through GoDaddy Auctions.

Good talent on the market: GoDaddy is retaining Uniregistry’s employees. But whenever there’s a corporate takeover like this, some employees will decide that the new environment isn’t right for them. This may mean some talented and experienced registrar and domain aftermarket people will be available to hire.

Less data/more data: I’ll miss getting Uniregistry’s weekly list of top 20 domain sales. GoDaddy doesn’t report individual sales. But GoDaddy includes sales in its comps for domain appraisals. So less data will be readily available but GoDaddy will have more data to crunch and provide to domain investors.

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