DAN announces new features including unique and customized sales landers

DAN announced today many new features including the ability to set a unique and customized for sale page per domain and improvements to the SSL generation system.

DAN shares below a brief description of the top items deployed by its team:

1: Set a unique & customized domain for sale page per domain. Simply head to your domain overview page via your portfolio and enter the edit button to start customizing just one listing!

2: We’ve improved our SSL generation system to ensure a more stable SSL generation process. There are many ways to use Dan’s for sale pages and some methods introduced issues for some sellers which is now resolved.

3: Payout improvement for Bank Transfers. Our bank wire payouts are now handled about 1.5 hours faster.

Our team is already working on the next improvement on this front by implementing Payoneer for bank payouts. In just a couple of weeks, bank transfers will be sent locally which will result in no intermediary bank fees and a 2 hour payout delivery. In 90% of the payouts, 2 hours after Dan has verified your payout, you will have access to your funds. After this, the next iteration is to introduce account balances so keep a close eye on our updates, many more updates are in the pipelines!

4: Improved unsubscribe flow for buyers & sellers. When your buyer unsubscribes from a negotiation we’ll inform you from now on so you do not have to guess if the lead is still active or not.

5: Checkout improvements. We’ve introduced more and better payment reminders and updated our personal follow-up process resulting in 9% better conversions.

6: Improved our Dan domain ownership transfer bot logic to facilitate more transactions automated or efficiently. Namebright managed domains are handled better now for example.

We’ve also automated domain transfers for .it & .at domains. The average transfer time for these extensions is now just 3 hours.

7: For sale page SEO improvements. Our average load time has decreased to 610 milliseconds. Indexing of Dan hosted for sale pages has improved as well due to front-end SEO optimization to make it easier for search engines to read content for example. More improvements on this front are planned.

This was the first DAN product update. DAN aims to improve these product updates in the coming period and dive more in detail in the near future.

More changes coming soon:

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