In January, I reported that the domain name appeared to have been sold. is a high value domain name asset that had been long-owned by Digimedia. At the time of publication, the domain name was registered under Whois privacy, and there wasn’t an active website operating on it.

Earlier this week on Twitter, a company called Integromat announced it launched a new brand called Make on the domain name:

In its article announcing the brand launch, the company touched on why it chose Make for its new brand:

“Today, we are introducing Make, which is the name of our brand, business, and new flagship platform. We wanted to create an identity that matched our product and the community around it. Something powerful, yet playful – like us.”

Acquiring to match its brand name was a wise decision. is simple to spell and is easy to remember.

Digimedia has a policy of not reporting sale prices, so it is highly unlikely the acquisition price will be published unless required. I am not confident enough to guess what Integromat paid to acquire, but I would be shocked if it wasn’t at least a seven figure deal.

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